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David Berling astounded his doctors and therapists with his drive, determination, and will to succeed.  Following his plane crash in April of 2007, the situation was dire.  David was put into a med-induced coma for 9 days, his legs had been amputated through the knees, and his right arm had been damaged so severely that the doctors never expected it to ever work again.  But rather than focus on the events of the past or what he couldn’t physically do, David kept pushing forward.  He refused to let the crash or his physical condition define him and has continued to overcome every obstacle in the way of him achieving his goals. 

Since David’s retirement from the Air Force in 2009, he co-authored the award-winning book, Just Living the Dream, has become a world-class competitor in the sport of handcycling and an advocate for fellow amputees, and is currently working to get recertified in small aircraft.  His accomplishments have been chronicled in many local and national publications, including the US Air Force Torch magazine, Wounded Warrior Project magazine, and cycling website, ClippedIn.  David has shared his story and message with numerous groups around the country and hearing it will inspire and motivate you to pursue your own dreams!

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Learn more about David's story by reading the forewords to his book Just Living the Dream: No Way Out But Through

Book Forewords

Presentation Topics

- Teamwork
- The importance of education
- Maintaining a positive attitude
- Trusting your faith
- Inspirational
- Motivational
- Overcoming adversity
- Making positive decisions
- Planning for the unexpected
- Being grateful for what you have
- Patient advocacy
- Goal setting
- Living beyond excuses
- Never giving up

Previous Audiences

- Youth & School Groups

- Community Organizations

- Company Conferences

- Teacher In-service

- Churches/Groups of Faith

- Military Events

​- Student Pilots

- Retirement Communities

- Medical Conferences

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